Themes & Subthemes

Thematic areas for the Conference are as given below and will cover core and the related disciplines. Three types of presentation viz. Invited, Contributory Oral and Contributory Poster presentations on each of the thematic areas would be accepted.

Theme I:

Sustainable crop development through innovative technologies for doubling farmer’s income and livelihood

  1. Agricultural crops
  2. Horticulture and plantation crops


Theme II:

Biotic and abiotic stress management

  2. Heat / Drought / Flood / Submergence


Theme III:

Natural resource management  and integrated farming systems

  1. Crops and cropping system
  2. Watershed management
  3. Water management
  4. Disaster management
  5. Soil conservation and land development
  6. Application of recent techniques/technologies in analysis and management of land and water resource


Theme IV:

Agricultural engineering for a precise agricultural production system

  1. Farm mechanization
  2. Precision or smart agriculture
  3. Efficient usage of renewable energy in agricultural sectors
  4. Use of plastic in agriculture
  5. Value addition and energy management in production and post-harvest operations

Theme V:

Breakthrough technologies in livestock for doubling farmer’s income and livelihood improvement

  1. Fodder and nutritional challenges for livestock and poultry
  2. Scientific Livestock farming
  3. Animal Health & production
  4. Poultry management

Theme VI:

Role of Dairy sector and food processing in enhancing farmer’s income

  1. Sustainable innovation in Dairy industry
  2. Climate change and Dairy production management
  3. Processing technologies for novel product development and quality control
  4. Innovative technology in food sector

Theme VII:

Agribased entrepreneurship in enhancing farmers income

  1. Seed industry
  2. Fisheries
  3. Aquaculture
  4. Bee keeping
  5. Mushroom
  6.  Other farm-based industry


Theme VIII:

Interface between research and industry for enhancing farmer’s income

  1. Quality Seeds
  2. Fertilizers
  3. Pesticides
  4. Storage
  5. Warehouse

Theme IX:

Challenges and opportunities in enhancing farmer’s income

  1. Role of Krishi Vigyan Kendra in enhancing farmers income
  2. Information technology, Management and Policy for farmer’s livelihood improvement
  3. Farm to market – Agricultural Processing, Marketing & Value addition and its role in doubling farmer’s income
  4. Socio-economic challenges in bridging demand and supply towards enhancing farmer’s income


Theme X:

Agroforestry based sustainable production for climate resilient livelihood


  1. Social Forestry
  2. Farm Forestry
  3. Silvi-postoral System

Theme XI:

Biodiversity conservation of germplasm resources

  1. Plant germplasm
  2. Microbial germplasm
  3. Animal germplasm and genetic stock conservation
  4. Fish genetic resources
  5. Insect genetic resources for sustainable production